Syrinscape online keeps kicking people from my "game" - FIXED


I don’t understand why, but this week Syrinscape online has first kicked everyone from “my game” and now again most people. This is troublesome as normally other people only need to lauch online player and that’s it, but now I need to reinvite them and they need log in to the site and accepth the invitation. Why and how do I make it stop?


We’ve actually covered this on another recent thread so apologies for the copy/paste. We did agree that removing people from active games was REALLY not the best way to achieve this so will be changing things so that you again won’t have to keep rejoining :slight_smile:


If it helps, this is making things a lot worse for me and my groups. If this is a continuing issue, I will go back to using Roll20 music instead, not nearly as fun, but a lot less of a headache.


Yeah. We are putting it back to how it was before.

I thooooooooooought @sonofconan had already done this… if not, it’ll be done early next week. Might be worth bumping us here again, if/when you find it’s still not updated for you! :slight_smile:

DON’T do that! Or we’ll send Goblins to your house with firestick!!! :japanese_goblin::fire:


Not a preference, but third game night in a row we are going through the process of logging back into it.


We had a session yesterday and the problem is not gone. This needs to be fixed asap. The original setup for Online Player alone is too complicated for some people. Asking to do 80 % of that at the beginning of every session is going to make even more tech savvy players stop using Syrinscape, which would cause me to stop subscribing it.


@sonofconan will fix this up tomorrow.

But… how is it 80%?

Are the Player not simply having to click on your join game link once?

What else are they having to do… There shouldn’t be anything else?


Be assured… we take the needs of our users VERY seriously! In fact that’s just about all we do… we offer a service. I’m sorry when things can’t happen instantly… there are sometimes other factors coming into play, which aren’t always visible to everybody… and sometimes things can’t happen straight away!

:frowning: It makes me sad, but that’s just sometimes the way things are…

  1. I login.
  2. I invite the people.
  3. I post the link to the correct page.
  4. They login.
    5.a If the site works correctly, which it often doesn’t, they look for the invite on the online page and click it.
    5.b If the site doesn’t work correctly, they are thrown to the main page instead of the online player page. Then they look for the right page on the site and then look for the invite on the online page and click it.
  5. They relaunch Online Player (because it never understands any changes while on).

For a tech savvy person, who is familiar with how the whole Online Player environment works, it takes about 1 minute. To a non-tech savvy person, who is not so familiar with OP, it can take 10 minutes.



Ahhhh… I see… I didn’t realise people would have to be logging in again everytime… may browsers keep me logged into sites I visit.

Sorry for that hassle… that does sound a pain!

Either way… this should be fixed again today.

(the original change was getting rid of some pretty bad lag that was building up in the server because of 1000s of stale users attached to games over the whole server. It made a pretty big difference, but had this unintended consequence.)


@maetco666 @mhenson951

OK. Change has been made. Your Players will have to join ONE MORE TIME… but now will NEVER be booted again.

Let us know how it goes (the 2nd time you play) :smiley:

THANKS for your patience!

And MOST of all… THANK YOU for your support as subs!

Now… GAME ON! :game_die::game_die::game_die::game_die::game_die::game_die:


Just seen this thread after posting an epic in the other thread - interesting to see several people on here expressing the same frustrations as I have - it doesn’t matter how much we as subscribers love Syrinscape and want to use it if our less enthusiastic and/or tech savvy players decide it’s not worth the effort.

I now have to go and prep for tonight’s game and hope to convince my Thursday players to rejoin. I currently only have 1-2 out of 4 players regularly connecting to Syrinscape and last session I was DJing the game for an audience of… well 0, not counting myself.


Everyone here let us know IF it is fixed now!

People should be back to simply starting the app… …which SURELY is simple enough, right>!!! :smiley:


I think it is now safe to say that this problem has been solved.


Yay! :slight_smile: :pie::fireworks:


After giving it a few weeks, my groups and I have not experienced any further issues. Thank you for getting it resolved.


That’s great to hear, thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:


Yay! :slight_smile: :bug::hammer::frog: