Syrinscape Online Keeps Crashing

Me and my players are having an issue where our online player continuously crashes. We all recently updated to the newest one and it just hasn’t been stable since. Any ideas on how to fix this? I’ve spent hours doing a detailed soundscape and no one can appreciate it now. I’m super disappointed.

I sadly don´t have a solution for this, but want to give more weight to this topic.

I have encountered the same problems lately. The problem seems to have startet around end of march. Since then the online player crashes regularly. It seems that all the player clients crash at the same time.

I hope for a quick solution, since i pay for the montly subscription and can´t use the tool for over a month now! If this problem will last any longer i have to cancel my subscription because i can´t use it anymore.

I also support the disappointment which ocours because of this. A lot of work was done by me, too, without any use.

Hopefully @Steve or one of the other guys can get this sorted for you both.

If you’re looking for a quick response, it may be worth contacting support directly. They don’t always see forum posts right away.

@oakescraft @harzspieler

Important question: is the Online Player crashing on ALL content, or just your custom stuff. There ARE some things you can set up to play that will kill the Player. Wanna let me know the name of the SoundSet that is causing the crash and I’ll hunt down the cause?

I actually had a problem with mine yesterday :open_mouth: for the first time EVER.