Syrinscape Online doesn't play any sound [SOLVED]


I just signed Syrinscape and went to see Syrinscape Online, but when I click on the sound, it just does not make a sound.
Can someone help me?


There are two apps that you need to run for Online. The first is the control panel where you play the sounds. You also need the Online Player to hear the sounds.

I’m a little fuzzy with the online stuff as I don’t use it often, but you may have to join your own campaign (link to your game) with the Online Player before you can hear anything.

Sorry I can’t be more exact but try running both and see what happens. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will stop by and offer more detailed instructions.


Oh, now I got it!!
Thought that the Online Player was a web browser version that you could join with the link.
It seems stupid that I do have to enter my own campaign to listen my own sounds… but Ok, not a big deal.

Thanks very much!!


It’s a different paradigm than the desktop version of the software but it makes sense that they only have the “listening” component be part of the Online Player, one less thing to have to work with when they build the control panel.

Anyways, glad you got it working. Happy gaming!


I totally agree that the Online Player part only have the “listening” component.

I just don’t get it why the Master doesn’t. It’s non sense I’m as a Master have to enter my own campaign as a player to listen.