Syrinscape not able to load soundset, please check - RESOLVED


I have had this purchased and I was using it earlier in the year but we took a break. I’m not trying to open up my player and it isn’t working. I’m getting, “ATTENTION! SYRINSCAPE WAS NOT ABLE TO LOAD IT’S SOUNDSET DATA. PLEASE CHECK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION.” I’m supposed to be running Waterdeep Dragonheist in about 2 hours . . . Help!


Hey @shane4bes

I hit reset on your account. Working now?

If not, check you’ve got the latest version of the app installed (downloads page for that).

Let us know how you go!!!


I am having the same issue. I Have a fast enough connection and I am currently connected but Syrinscape can not find its sound data and refuses to load.


@msbranin Amazon Web Services (where we host files) appears to be having intermittent errors at the moment. All I can suggest right now is to keep trying. Logging out and then back should always get you the latest list of authorised content, when AWS is working.


I can not even get to a login screen I run syrinscape and it immediately tells me it can not load it’s soundset data, I click ok and it goes right back to telling me it can not load its soundset data. Endless loop.


@msbranin I’ve reset things at our side. See if that has made any difference?


Resting things on your end allowed me to login under my lap top and actually download and install soundsets. Thank you.