Syrinscape in Maptools for dummies like me

First off let me say my ability to code stops at cut and paste. I recently saw a video where someone pushed a button on the monster token in maptools and syrinscape played the dragon roar online to all players. Since Corona Virus my game, like many others has gone online. I know how to send sounds to my players using Sirinscape online master. But between Maptools, Hero Lab, Mumble, Web Browser, and Syrinscape, I’m getting buried with different screens. I would like to program my tokens in maptools with preset sounds. Hit the door switch and automatically “door creaking open” sound plays. Enter a map and I push a button and an ambient mood I set up plays. Find the dragon and I push a button and you get a one shot roar, a separate button and the Kobold minions yip. Can someone please walk me through how this is done, or to a post or documentation that would explain this to a code dummy? In case it matters I am using the lattest version of maptools with the 3.5/Pathfinder campaign and Bag of Tricks.

Check this post out:


It will flip your game on it’s head.

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