Syrinscape in Foundry VTT

I have the syrincontrol mod installed, but it only works with the online player, not with my basis syrinscape. I contacted the developer and got the following message:

“That is a problem on the Syrinscape API side, not something on my module. I would recommend writing to the Syrinscape team on their forum. They tend to respond in a couple of hours.”

To be clear I am have bought and installed syrinscape, I have foundry working and the mod downloaded, but as I said, the sounds linked in foundry can only play trough the online player.


When you say “basic syrinscape” what do you mean in particular? Can you send a screenshot?

We’ll sort you out. :slight_smile:

So this is what I call the basic program, and the syrincontrol wont work with that alone. I need the online player for it to work. I have a gaming cave and dont play online, so I just need foundry to play the sounds using the basic program.


Yeah, no, I don’t think anyone has written a mod to control the Fantasy Player. It IS controllable, but through a different format of commands (via the OS rather than our server). Fantasy Grounds community devs did this, but I don’t think Foundry have even tried yet.

Any chance you can get some internet down into your cave?

Hi Benjamin, and thank you for the answer…

I do have internet down there, the reason I would prefer to run it through the fantasy player is that the online mode doesn’t seem to support surround (Which I also have down there) and the computer gets awful hot and slow by having both the fantasy player and the online player open at the same time.

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Correct. Makes sense.

Well… if you are on PC. The ability to control the Fantasy Player is there… you just need an extension that’ll do that. I do know that Fantasy Grounds has mods that do… but that’s not much help to you, sadly! :smiley:

If the mod would like some info of how those calls go for controlling the Fantasy Player we can supply more info. Get them to reach out to us… or drop by here? :pizza: :beer:

Hi Benjamin and thank you so much for your help… I will send them a copy of what you wrote.

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