Syrinscape for Chrome OS? - FIXED


Probably a long shot request, but I was wondering if Syrinscape will ever come to ChromeOS. I love using my Chromebook to DM, between Roll20 + Chromecast, and while some Chromebooks are going to get Android app support, some won’t. I’m not sure how complicated porting an android app to chromeOS is, but it would be an amazing feature for me. Are there any plans in the works?


Unity does not support Chrome S as far as I know, so I guess it’s a bit complicated :frowning:


Yeah, we’d love to be able to offer Syrinscape on EVERY device (including Linux… :slight_smile: !)

BUT, as I’m sure you’d know, every version we decide to make adds to the time and cost of maintaining everything.

Soooo… with PC, MAC, Android Tabs and Phones AND iPhones AND iPads covered, we have a great big healthy block of most people blessed with our sounds.

The biggest win was getting to the phones… because only 20% (or something) of people have a tablet, so that was really hurting…

Basically we’ll watch the market and if another device or operating system starts to grab a great big share of the market, then we’ll need to start supporting that.

Does that all make sense? :hatching_chick:


Makes sense. Admittedly, it’s a problem that will fix itself, with android app support coming to ChromeOS, but I was wondering if a specific version for CrhomeOS was being developed.

Thanks for the reply.


What you should note is that advocating for what YOU want is ALWAYS welcome here… :smile:

Basic about half of the really great features of Syrinscape are in there because people asked for them!

But yes, bring on ChromeOS Android App support… it really does make a LOT of sense for THEN!


I know this is rather old but I can say that Syrinscape runs fine “on” Linux under WINE. I had no issues getting it installed and running. Just a note.