Syrinscape Fantasy Player using huge amount of computer resources even when idle and constantly freezing

I have been using Syrinscape for several years now and this problem has been getting worse and worse over time: The Fantasy Player especially (probably because he has the most soundsets) when running on my pc (Windows 10, Processor with 6x3.7 GHz, 16GB RAM, so definitely not a weak system) uses about 50% of RAM and 10 to 15% of CPU even when idle. It seems to be constantly busy in the background and when I use it, wether to play sounds or to download/update tracks it often freezes or crashes alltogether. I believe that this is related to the huge number of loaded soundsets, but I cannot understand why? Is there a way to fix this? I do not contantly want to have to delete and reload soundsets.

Same problem. Doubt its the amount of soundsets, since it only recently started to happen on my end