Syrinscape - Fantasy Grounds Extension delisted

Just an FYI to any that have purchased and use my Syrinscape extension for Fantasy Grounds. DMsGuild recently changed its policies and have decided to remove nearly all Fantasy Grounds extensions from their platform. They have delisted my Syrinscape Extension from there, so it is no longer available for purchase. I am somewhat in limbo as there is no current place I can legally publish it for sale, so I am waiting until things shake out. Smiteworks is aware of the affected extensions and is taking steps to provide a method for sales, but it will be some time before its ready.

Individuals who have already purchased it can still download it and my sound module update website is still functioning.

In the interim, if you want to use syrinscape with FG, you can check out the other sound extension AudioOverseer.

Wow that sucks!

Note: mattekure’s extension is the best! AMAZING stuff! Keep us in the loop, and let us know if there is anything WE can do to help you out!!! I’ll have a chat to @steve about this!

Is there somewhere we can get more info about what-the-heck-is-going-down?!

There have been numerous discussions on the FG forums about it. It first seemed to come up a couple of weeks ago with one user reporting their extension was removed. From what little communication we have received, it appears that at some point Wizards of the Coast determined that they did not want extension content for Fantasy Grounds that wasn’t directly tied to 5e mechanics or adventure content. Any extension that just altered functionality for Fantasy Grounds without providing some D&D 5e mechanics and/or content was removed. Earlier today I was informed that most of my extensions were removed, including the syrinscape one. They seem to err on the side of removal rather than allowance, and I am not super sure I understand the rationale. Some of my fellow developers products that seem to fully meet their requirements were also removed. All in all over 30 extensions were delisted. I fully expect another round of cuts to the rest of my extensions but we will see.

For the time being, this puts my extension in limbo as I stated. Smiteworks is working on a solution that may become available in the next few months. Having been delisted from DMsGuild am no longer bound by their content publishers agreement, so I am free to figure out another solution as long as it meets with Smiteworks requirements.

Total nightmare of a situation! Thanks for the info @mattekure. We will have a look through and have a think.

Since is operated by the same people as can’t you list your extensions there instead? There are various FG modules available for sale on

Unfortunately its not that simple. Smiteworks currently has a publishing contract in place with DMsGuild to allow publishing of Fantasy Grounds modules/content there. There is no current agreement with DTRPG, even though they are both under OneBookshelf parent company. Smiteworks has a small number of publisher contracts with individuals that allow them to publish on DTRPG, but its on a case by case basis, and they have recently stated that they do not wish to enter into a large number of these contracts.

Recently Smiteworks has indicated they have dedicated a developer nearly full time to working on the solution, so we hope to get a first glimpse of their proposed solution sometime early next year, but it may take some time before its fully available. One nice thing about their proposed system is that it will allow extensions to auto-update the same way modules bought through smiteworks do.


Your extension adds a brilliant dimension to our game play. I’ll be happy to support any letter-writing campaign to support your work.

Thanks, I appreciate the support. Its an odd thing, the day after I posted this, they relisted everything, with the intent to take it all down in the new year. I believe I have found a way to meet all of their criteria to allow it to continue to be listed. Since they require it to be “specifically augmenting a piece of 5E content or approved IP”, my plan is to build out a Fantasy Grounds module for some of the WotC published adventures that Syrinscape has developed soundsets for.

I am currently working on Waterdeep Dragon Heist. The idea is that the module I include will have all of the sounds organized by when they occur in the adventure to align with the existing FG module to make it easy for DMs to use the moods and one-shots during the adventure. So its a companion module to the official one with all the sound links organized for easy play.


I have published my compilation module for WDH as a free inclusion with the extension on DMsGuild. I am hoping it makes it easy for DM’s to use as it organizes all of the sounds through the entire adventure to align with the official FG module.

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