Syrinscape Fantasy Crashing on iPad


So, I have a 2012 4th Gen iPad, 1.91GB free space. Since the most recent IOS update (10.3.3), my fantasy player has been crashing after about 30 minutes, just closing and returning to the home screen. I can then reopen the app, which loads fresh, and works again for about 30 minutes.

I’m using a few custom soundscapes that just have looping music samples in them, and working them in with standard soundscapes. It seems to happen more quickly if I’m changing moods frequently. Any clue what I might do to fix it? Used to work great before the latest IOS 10.3.3

Edit note: I updated to IOS 10.3.3 a couple of months ago. I know it’s been out since July 2017, but I was slow to bother updating this old ipad.


The latest version of Syrinscape has been out for a little while now and we’ve not had any other reports of issues like this, which makes me suspect its a local issue. Syrinscape functions like a powerful multi-mixer, often playing 20+ tracks at a time and from your description, the crashing is happening when you are changing moods, which is when your iPad would be trying to process multiple processes at once.

Unfortunately, it’s possible that both Syrinscape and the updated iOS is too much for your iPad to handle for prolonged periods of time. I know Apple has made several major updates to their hardware with later models. I’ll see if our dev team can get us an updated benchmark for the apps minimum specks and hopefully that will help us figure out the problem for you. Also if you get a crash log make sure you send it to us at support so we can take a look at whats happening :slight_smile:


Just as a thought, try force closing all other processes on the iPad before you load up Syrinscape and then see if it still crashes. It might be that you have a lot of apps running in the background, which is causing the iPad to run out of memory


Must be my old iPad just being old then (only have 2core 1.4ghz proc and 1GB RAM). I have pretty much nothing else installed on here, even removed a handful of games my son had put on (now have ~4GB of free memory), and it crashed about 5 minutes into a custom mood split between “Desert” and “dyk Caravanserai”. The mood is basically the “Sand Storm” queue with all the levels turned down by about half, and then the “Mad Voices” element from Caravanserai turned up max.

I experimented more, and if I load this mood (Haunted Sandstorm) first, it crashes Syrinscape immediately, even after a fresh reboot of the iPad. If I use other moods first then switch to it, it runs for a 5+ minutes before crashing. There doesn’t even have to be shared elements between the two moods (I went from a pure music mood to the “haunted sandstorm” mood).

I’m not getting any crash logs or the like. Just Syrinscape closes and I’m back at the home screen. Double-tapping the home button shows Syrinscape open, but when I click it to bring it back forward, it acts like its just booting up from scratch.

Any luck on finding out what the current “min specs” are?


One way to sure it is just the ooooold iPad… play the particuarlly busy Soundsets, like
“Gen Con” or “Shoggoth” if those make it crash quicker… then yes, it’s probably the specs…

We were running older iPads as demo machine at Cons and eventually had to upgrade because the biggest SoundSets + plus running for a long time was eventually killing them. :hocho::dagger: