Syrinscape cutting out and unusable

I’ve been trying to use Syrinscape for a couple of months now but invariably the same thing happens each time we play.

When I’m on by myself, the sound is great, never an issue, but once a few players hop on the system starts to drop out and becomes more of a hindrance than a help.

The other night I even used a separate laptop to run the sound and the same thing was occurring. I want to use the system, but I want it to work.

Same issues for me. Its intermittent as well. Some nights it works and others it doesn’t. I get the feeling its a server load or bandwidth issue on their end? I speed test my internet all the time and my machines are overbuilt for running Foundry. I stream all the time and there’s no lag on my end. I pay a lot of money to bring high-quality sound to my players and it pains me to just turn it off mid-game.

Heya @dgregory,

This post here has LOTS of good info for you:

We are actually quite a long way into fixing up the problematic elements we found so if you are still having performance issues, then definitely look at the strength, optimisation, busy-ness of the device you are running the sound on.

And note: you can always drop back to the Online Player app… which will always give you smooth performance.

Let us know how you go with all that info! :slight_smile:

Good hunting! :bow_and_arrow:

Appreciate your following up on this. I am running on a brand-new beast of a machine. It runs everything smoothly. I can pretty much guarantee that it isn’t my hardware or my Internet connection. I make sure nothing is running in the background other than Foundry. I should point out that I have been using The Forge to host my Foundry server few years now. This just seems to pop up intermittently for Syrinscape/Foundry. I’ll go through the link you shared - Thanks.