Syrinscape .csv file request for use with Fantasy Grounds Syrinscape Sounds


I use Syrinscape Online player with John Waite’s Fantasy Grounds Syrinscape Sound Links in all of my games.

I have a request that only you folks can grant: I have made several custom soundsets for my games, and have assigned them to Campaigns for organization and ease of use. Unfortunately, the .csv files generated by the Master Interface don’t include the Campaign organization (I would guess similar to the Products/Packs information field in the .csv).

I was wondering if this field/information could be added to the .csv files, so that the extension can sort my campaigns in the same way that Products and Packs are sorted.

I think even a way to sort my own stuff from the rest of Syrinscape would be good - a tag for soundsets that are User Created or something like that, so I can sort the work I’ve done separately from what I own through the Supersyrin Sub. There’s such a vast amount of material to go through (a boon, in almost every other way, to be sure).