Syrinscape Crashing regularly


So tonight, the app crashed whenever we used certain soundsets like desert (sandstorm mood) iOS 14 and on a different iPhone 11. I loaded the app on my iPhone 8 and it did the same exact thing. This latest build from the app and iOS 14.0.1 aren’t working properly.


I’m also getting a crash from the player. I also see a lot of instability and load times. Loading it up takes ninety seconds. Even then, it can take minutes for a soundset that I select to be ready to play.

What other information can I provide to help fix this?



Another place that consistently crashes is the DIA Escaping the Siege soundset. When “Earthquake rumble small” starts it’s ok, but begins to clip and pop until the app crashes.


Ok, just cancelled my sub. If I’m not even getting the courtesy of a response on this issue, then you must not need my money.


Sorry @sn0wraven. We weren’t intentionally ignoring you! A few people have reported a similar issue, but it’s not something we have yet been able to replicate, rest assured though the dev team are looking into it and trying to find the cause.

Any information that people can give us regarding their device, OS and the soundsets that it happens on is a big help to help us track down the cause.

Also, if you roll back to the earlier release do you still have a similar issue or is it only on build 1.4.9-p1, which came out 3 days ago?


I’ll reply here instead. Like I said, haven’t rolled back but the soundset works on my iPhone X with latest iOS. The ipad is an iPad 4 running the latest released iOS that it supports. And its on this device that i have issues.


That sounds like there might be a bit too much going on in some soundsets for an iPad 4 to handle. Is that running iOS 10?


It’s runnning 10.3.3. The latest that’s been released. So you’re saying that this can be caused by having too many samples running at the same time?

If there are limits or guidelines on how many samples you can have running at the same time or if there are limits on how many samples can be included in a soundset - could you please make these available to us to allow for better quality community releases?

Also - would be great to have these as warnings popping up as you assemble your soundset in the online player/soundset creator.


There are NOT any strict limits to the number of samples that can be playing at the same time. This would depend almost entirely on the capabilities of the device doing the playing.

NOTE: sometimes we have set up the settings so that an infinite number of samples are being set off at once (or a least one every program tic)… that does tend to kill ALL devices. So watch out for that one. :smiley:


@bjornsundell In addition to what Ben said (the concurrent sample limits depend on the capabilities of your device), the version of Unity that we are using now (which we had to upgrade to for a number of reasons) has a minimum iOS target version of 11.

Can you confirm that the app version on your iPad 4 device is the latest 1.4.9? I thought this was not possible on iOS 10 given the minimum target version.


Win10, Fantasy Player 1.4.3-20190527. Never loaded after six minutes of letting it go. I saw that’s old so updated to newest player. 1.4.9-p1. Never loaded after seventeen minutes…

Loaded up new version of SciFi player. Eight and a half minutes to finally load up and be ready to play.


I see it’s still 32 bit. When will that be updated to 64 bit, which might be part of the problems above.


It is version 1.4.9 of the fantasy player - installed automatically on the 2nd of October 2020 on my iPad running iOS 10.3.3.


Had another look at this. I’m on version 1.4.2. It just looks as if it updated. Ipad4 running iOS 10.3.3. The fantasy player crashes suddenly. I was running the mood crumbling ruins from LMoP soundset (spiders web part).

Do I need to buy a new iPad now for running syrinscape?