Syrinscape crashes

I’m using the Menace Under Otari pkg and the app will just close. The phone is not locking, I reset and re installed, did not change. The close out time is not consistent, and it looks like only some music forces
a crash.

Hey @egressx3,

Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile: Do note, we may be a fair bit slower to respond here, rather than the actual support email, so if you need timely help, don’t hesitate to email rather than post.

But as for your issue:

  1. What sort of phone are you using?
  2. when did you buy it
  3. is the operating system up to date
  4. what operating system is it
  5. what other content have you tried on the phone?
  6. other things I haven’t though to ask yet. :smiley:

1)iPhone XR,
2) purchased 2019
3) iOS 14.2 (just updated to 14.3)

I’ll let you know if I have anymore issues with the new iOS

Thank you for the quick response, happy holidays. And I love your product.