Syrinscape crashes on startup



Ive been using Syrinscape for a while but it is now crashing on startup on my new laptop.
It is running windows 10 Fall Creator’s update with an Intel HD 4000.
Intel HD drivers have been updated.
It’s an almost fresh install with all windows updates and no dedicated GPU.
It crashes as soon as it starts, a white window appears and then crash.
It seems to be a unity related crash from it beeing unable to initialize the display adapter.
I have tried latest version and the 5 last versions available for download.

Here are the crashdumps.


Thanks in advance for any help !!

edit : had pasted two times output_log.txt


One of the most common causes for Syrinscape crashing is an overzealous anti virus program (AVP) blocking Syrinscape’s essential programs. Normally after the AVP has had an update and they’ve not included us in the whitelist. Have a try running Syrinscape with your AVP turned off for a short time or try adding Syrinscape to the whitelist and see if that makes any difference?


Hello! Its happening the same to me! I spent 4 hours yesterday with Microsoft remote technicians and nothing, they cant solve the issue. Did you find a solution?




Do you have any system specs at hand? It would be really helpful to track down a potential bug. Maybe it is platform/hardware related.