Syrinscape connection

So far, in my non-digital life, I seem to be the only one excited about my Syrinscape. My Foundry players enjoy it and my Discord players appreciate it.
Noone seems to know what it is and I spend a lot of time in PHoenix advertising for one of my favorite products…until last Sunday.
I am getting ready to run a game at a local church for 10 adults 21+. We are going to run either RotFM or CoS or BDDiA.
I was explaining D&D to some “traditional” church members when I heard a new visitor say “I have Syrinscape on my phone”…!
After doing an Exorcist-style neck spin, I spent 15 minutes fanboying with a fellow syrinscape user and they are one now of the 10.

  • Syrinscape brings fans together. -

That’s fantastic to hear! thanks for sharing and a big thanks for spreading the word! :grin: