Anyone else having issue connecting to I can’t access Master or even the main pages I see this in the body of the website and can’t login or view any other pages…

Sorry, something went wrong
What’s happening? We have probably made a mistake that wasn’t immediately obvious until now. We’ve already been sent an automatic email about this, and will fix the problem as soon as possible.


I’m also having the same issue.

the only webpage on syrinscape says ‘sorry, something went wrong’


I am having the same issue, it is frustrating as I just paid to be a subscriber and now I cannot access anything.


I should mention I cannot access the app either and get the following error.

Attention! Syrinscape was not able to load its soundset data. Please check your internet connection.

I am connected to the internet just fine.


OK. The dev team is looking into this. You’re now not the only ones reporting probs. Give us about an hour and we should have it sorted! Soooo sorry for the hassles!

Annoyingly, I haven’t been able to reproduce these problems despite repeated attempts… so that makes me pulling the trigger on emergency repairs slower… but I’m fairly sure there is something going on now.

THANKS for multiple people taking the time to report!

Stay tuned!!!


I have players showing up in an hour gahhhhh
I keep getting the failed to retrieve manifest error


We are working on it!

Shooooould have it fixed really soon!


Looking better…

…might be working already…

People try again?


@jerome00x Working for you?!


Yep…working now …sorry was DMing haha … was just going with what I already had downloaded :slight_smile: thanks