Syrinscape broken?


Player seemed to be working just fine for myself. People connected by could not hear what I was playing. I restarted my player then reloaded the web page for the master player. Now nothing plays in any player and the master player doesn’t even seem to be doing anything on the web page.


@jankomatic If this happens again, try clicking the little “reconnect to a new server” button (next to the version and latency, above the soundset artwork). This should move your session to the next least busy server. We also monitor how many times this feature is used and proactively restart servers when it appears enough users (currently 2) request to move in a short period of time (currently 5 minutes) while we work on improving stability.


This is actually what I did to finally clear it up. I let it sit for an hour and we just played without sound. I then noticed the button you mentioned and after clicking it a couple of times it started working.


Spread the word about the button.

Hey @sonofconan the UI might be able to tell it is getting no feedback? And flash this button to users?