Syrinscape abruptly closes


Mac OS X 10.13.5
Macbook Pro (early 2015)
Latest version of Syrinscape. (just subscribed today)
Whilst downloading/installing sound packs, the app suddenly quit. When I first started the program, I did receive a message stating the program needs updating to be compatible with the OS. If is see this message again, I’ll screen shot and post it.


Hi Mickey,

Firstly, THANKS so much for your support!

Secondly, if you are just running Syrinscape for the first few times… we’ve had reports of it being a little unstable for a while on Macs, and then mysteriously it smooths out.

NOTE: the App downloads LOTS of startup info on the first few runs… so maybe go easy on the app for a little while at first.

ALSO NOTE: if you are still experiencing unstability, make sure you don’t try and install more than 3 SoundSets at once.

Any helps? :slight_smile: