Sync with let’s roll

Let’s Roll is an emerging VTT. It’s on Kickstarter and will go into beta around September. @benjamin do you think you would try to integrate with them? I will be checking it out as an alternative to what I use now. It seems similar to Foundry VTT but allows linking to YouTube for music. If their code is already open for third party integration it might be easier to include access to syrinscape soundsets.

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Yeah, sounds good.

Do YOU have any contact with them, at least as a backer for example.

Might you suggest they reach out to us, and we can supply them with info for accessing our REST API = our work is pretty much done at our end and can help them plug into that.

Let me know. :slight_smile:

I’ll post a question on their Kickstarter and see if they reply

That would be very interesting given I backed that as well. My name is Gwydion and I have a VTT problem. I own FG, Foundry VTT, Arkenforge and backed Let’s Role. lol

I only really use FG and have been spending a lot of time inputting SotDL stuff for Foundry so hope to run a game on that platform very soon.


I wasn’t really impressed with foundry. Now I just wish there was a campaign creator tool that I liked. The one I liked and backed on Kickstarter is now dead. No new updates for 6 months. And I really loved its relationship web.

As for campaign managers, these are both “paid” or free with paid tiers but I originally backed YARPS and the kickstarter failed but they relaunched and I think it succeeded. Anyway, these might be worth a look if you haven’t seen them:

I looked at chronica and it’s biggest flaw is that one of the most important features for a DM is behind a paywall. Building a campaign manager without being able to input my info for all the places I create is very offputting for me.

Totally understand. I certainly haven’t used it, just saw on first glance it looked interesting.

There are a… LOT of VTTs popping up at the moment… it’ll be REALLY interesting to see who comes out on top! :robot: :gun: :robot: