Symphonic Libraries


Hi Ben,

Have you ever thought about picking up a symphonic library for the music tracks? I see that you composed most tracks personally. With all the time and effort you’re putting in, it seems a shame to limit the instrumentation to the built-in keyboard samples.

EastWest has a monthly plan for $25/mo that includes their entire library of film-quality instruments. You can even type your own phrases into the UI and have them sung by a full Hollywood choir!

There are other, even better libraries out there… Vienna, Chris Hein, etc… But some of those get super expensive. And it’s hard to beat your own personal symphony for $25/mo!

Anyway… Just thought I’d point them out!


  • Zach


Hi @Zach nowdays I use the worlds best symphonic library from Native Instruments. Before that I was using Kontact that comes packaged with the Finale notation software.

Sooo… there is a bit of variability in the quality of orchestrations and mixdowns.

If you want to get an impression of where we are synth-wise nowdays… have a listen to the tracks in the Starfinder SoundPacks AND the latest D&D content “dh…”…

We are looking to redo some of the older tracks with these better synths… is there some particular music you would point out as particularly dodgy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ah, I must have been grabbing old sets to start with. Cool ambiance on the DH Waterdeep music!


@Zach :slight_smile: