Switching Sets is too slow

One issue I am having using the online player is if I am using the soundsets for the modules say like Dungeon of the Mad Mage, I may have it on the sounds for level 2. Then I want to switch to wizard spells as someone uses a spell. this process is too cumbersome it seems. The switch can take a few seconds, then scrolling around to find the spell…

Any tips to deal with that with available functionality? Maybe adding the most common spells to the global oneShots somehow. Can that be done?

Heya @zogmrbill,

I use one of two methods to trigger spells:

  1. I search for the spell name in the element library (can you see that on the right hand side = once you switch it on)
  2. I use the remote control links (switch them on in the hamburger menu at the top right) and then trigger tham by a windows shortcut OR as i do, in my stream deck…

Something here works? :slight_smile:

I have never heard of stream deck. I did just find some stuff on the youtube channel about using the search. that could work. Now I wonder if I could hook some shortcuts up to my APC mini? that could be epic.

Very possibly.

Anything that can open a http page (AND NOT SHOW THE RESULT) works really really nicely = you don’t want it opening a Chrome window every time you hit a button.

Note the “access in background” setting in this screenshot:

I don’t suppose you have stream deck profiles to share do you? Complete with icons? :smiley:

A way to export out a soundset for an AP would be SO nice…

We don’t at the moment, but it is something we’ve spoke about. For now just copy the API link into Streamdeck and set it as a webpage link, but deactivate opens in another tab (I think that’s what the checkbox was called). From the Online Player you can also right click on the oneshot art and save them to use as your icons.

It does take a bit of time but is well worth the effort. Also if you trust your players (or you are a player and your DM trusts you) you can switch out the auth token and use the Streamdeck to trigger player sounds.

so stream deck is a separate piece of hardware that lets you map URLs to buttons. Is that the idea?

Yes, it is separate piece of hardware. It is very overpriced macro keypad. I own the Elgato Stream Deck XL and it is super convenient even at work, where I put various applications and shortcuts.

This is the regular one, the XL has more buttons, the mini less.

You could have a go at using my custom controller; it lets you select multiple sets, moods, and elements.

It’s very much a side project in an early stage of development, and it doesn’t currently sort one-shots by soundset, but it does eliminate time switching between sets.