Switching between various games that use Syrinscape - ATTEMPT TO RESOLVE


I run a game using Syrinscape online player and also participate in another using the same set up. Is there a way to easily switch between them without needing a new link each time? Sorry if this has already been answered!

Thanks in advance.


Yes in the middle column on the control panel (Your contacts) you can invite your existing contacts or request to join one of their games. That way you can easily switch between different sessions :slight_smile:


Hi Steve - thank you for taking time to try and help me out.

This doesn’t solve my problem, however - I didn’t explain myself clearly.

  1. I (GM A) have set up GAME 1 and invited 5 players to it (they all accepted and the game, which is run to support Fantasy Grounds using the Syrinscape Online Player, went well)
  2. I have been invited to GAME 2 run by GM B, also run using SOP, and accepted the invite - game also ran well
  3. I now wish to run my GAME 1 again. In the ‘Your Game’ column of the Syrinscape dashboard I can only see ‘GM B is the Game Master’ and the option to ‘Leave Game’ - I also see that I am still registered as ‘in the game’
  4. I am sure I’m doing something wrong, but my only option is to Leave GAME 2 - when I then fire up SOP I can see that I (GM A) am again the Game Master again for GAME 1.
  5. Is Syrinscape designed to require GM B to send me a new invitation link before every weekly game session? If NO, how do I avoid that? If YES, could I make a feature request to rejoin multiple games run by different GMs without needing repeat invites?

Hope you can educate me!