Super silly question - RESOLVED


When I upload a soundset it keeps adding a (1) to the end of the name even when there isn’t another soundset with the same name already uploaded. This drives my OCD crazy, any way to get rid of it?


If there is anything on the server with the same name the server will automatically add a number to the end of the new upload. So although you might not have posted up something somebody else might have. Try to keep soundset names unique :slight_smile:


When I go into my campaing’s and search the name, thats the only one that shows up.


You won’t see other peoples uploads, only your own and ours


Ah, so it’s someone else who’s messing with me!! CURSE THEM!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yep it looks like it I’m afraid. :grin:


Is there a way to delete a soundset you have uploaded to the cloud?

never mind just found the answer to my own question and deleted the errant soundsets. having some difficulty buy going to try and resolve it on my own first