Suggestions on soundsets for working at home background noise


I’m a SuperSyrin subscriber and I find myself using Syrinscape the most while working at home during this lockdown to not be in a quiet room. Does anyone have any good suggestions on soundsets?

I normally use DIP Phadalin’s Stonehill Inn or DIA Baldur’s Gate’s Genial Spring Day, but I’d love advice on others.

EDIT: I do know about Syrinscape radio, but the GenCon one is too many people talking versus something like DIA Candlekeep’s The Hearth.


Try the Sci-fi player’s Nebula, Alien Worlds, or Running the Net. Or Fantasy player’s Windsong Cavern, Flooded Cavern, In The Lair of the Siren, Temple of the Jade Dragon, Particle, Elven Vale Day/Night, Farmland, or Jungle (Tropical)!