Suggestions for Storm King's Thunder


Just finished LMOP’s and moving on to Storm King’s Thunder. Suggestions for music/moods would be appreciated.


Tell me what locations, moods, encounters, and monsters you need and I will happily recommend things for you!


We’ll be starting with a battle with Fire Giants in a small town called Triboar. Then they’ll be adventuring in the wilderness meeting hill giants, and a storm giant. A few encounters will be friendly towns, even the city of Waterdeep is possible. After that it will be up mountains to a snowy pass, valley, and barbarians, shamans, and some dragons.


Stones Over Sandpoint (a set from the Rise of the Runelords adventure path) is a good place to start. It’s a stone giant attack on a town, which includes thrown boulders and a red dragon. By not using the dragon claw/attack elements but keeping in the burning/fire elements, you will have a pretty good fire giant attack on a village. If you like, in Path of Devils 2 there is a Fire Giant battle, which has some volcanic fire, spells, and earthquake elements too.

For the hill giant encounter, Journey to Jorganfist or Into the Valley have some good hill giant sounds + hill giant battle sounds. For the Storm Giant, you can use some hill giant sounds from the previous set, or sounds from Stone Giant battle, and then add in some sparks or sounds of magical auras from the Disjunction Chamber set.

Friendly Towns can be see in Brindol Town or Local Heroes, and Waterdeep has sounds for Waterdeep.

There is a Mountain Pass set, and you can combine that with Icy Wasteland to get your snowy mountain pass.

Into the Valley is good for your valley, and then the ogre sounds in the same set, or Bugbear Battle, could be useful for your barbarians. Shaman sounds could be represented by magical spells from Cleric Spells D&D5e, Wizard Spells D&D 5e, Cleric Spells (Kyra), Wizard Spells (Erzan), Spellcaster - Sorcerer, and Spellcaster - Sorceress

I hope this helps! Let me know if you need more! :slight_smile:


Wow! This rocks it, thanks so much. We don’t play again until next Saturday, so I’ll start setting something up. For most of the special effects I use triggers in Fantasy Grounds, so I’ll look at what the NPC’s cast and make sure I have triggers for everything. So I’m looking mostly at moods and such. But this will allow me to customize the triggers for the monsters. Rocking it! Again, thanks much. Jon