Suggestions for sounds/music/mood for Feast of Ravenmoor?

first try using these forums…!

Would you have any suggestions for music that would be good for the Feast of Ravenmoor adventure? A search of ‘Ravenmoor’ didn’t turn up anything…

Some Mysterious mood music would be nice, as would some combat music vs Villagers…! There is ALSO a festival… so some Festival music would be awesome…!


Ok, so mysterious music - Witchwood has several good ones, as does Trollskull Manor.

Festival Music - Tabletop Music has some good ones (Blarney Pilgrim, Banish Misfortune, ) as does Gnomeland Security (Hoedown music). There’s also High Seas Battle, as the pirate attack music is pretty fun, and

Attack on Sandpoint has a great festival ambiance for general town chatter, games, and people having a good time.

Combat vs villagers could be the Aria Park Protest, which has some riot sounds (good for mass combat), and the Hell’s Rebels music is great for that combat. Also Old Korvosa has a mood called “Pilts Mob” which is a good mob one with combat sounds, as does Baldur’s Encounters (Crowd Riot). If you want something more contained and less lethal, Tavern Brawl is also an option.

Let me know if you need any more music and sounds and I can suggest some stuff! I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Edit: I also see this takes place in a swamp, so may I recommend the Swamp set, Tiller’s Marsh, The Black Marshes, Kobold Lair, and Gator Swamp (in the Sci-Fi player). There’s also a Stirge Battle and Swarm Attack (this one also in the Sci-Fi player) if needed.


I find that searching for music for a game it is NOT obvious at all, and your input helped a lot! Thank you for the suggestions!! I ended up using many of them!!