Suggestions for a new user

Hi. Planning to trial this for my online game. I’m running D&D 5e through Fantasy Grounds and we do voice and video via discord.
I see there are a few ways to go about setting this up via the online player direct, or integration into FG or into Discord.
Any suggestions of which one works best and pros and cons of each?

Personally, I use Syrinscape Online and push the audio to my players through it. I find it the easiest solution for me and my players, and if they cant be bothered to launch the app, they can deal without having sounds.

For discord, this solution has a lot of discussion on the FG forums. It might be worth looking into, especially if you do not have a SuperSyrin subscription which is required for the Syrin Online client to push to players. It seems to work well but I have no direct experience.

As the author of one of the Syrinscape Extensions for FG (shameless self-plug), I always recommend using it for integration so everything can be played and triggered from within the interface. This makes it much easier than trying to jump back and forth between applications to start sounds, especially if you are using sounds from many different rulesets, or wanting automated sounds for weapon attacks and spells.

My extension can now be found on the FG forge at There are other extension options that are available for free if you search around and find it meets your needs.