Suggestions about Interface and features


I like to play different sounds from distinct sound sets, based on need, but sometimes is difficult to remember what is playing where…

I would like to suggest some form of knowing wich soundset has an active sound, a glow or a small bright dot over the sondset button would sufice.

Also, a drag and drop, or add/remove function for changing the One Shot would be awesome.

Finaly, can you consider the creator app, for those who dont have subscrition, as a “for sale” add, to be use with the alredy purchased soundset?

Anyway, thank you for the great app, an sorry for any mispelling, english is not my native langage, sort of struggling a bit here.


All great ideas and you will be happy to know that the first two are already in our development wish list so hopefully will be features soon :smile:

As for the Creator, the program is very dependent on access to the server and the database of samples, over 100,000 of them in fact. This means that it needs Supersyrin access to really function properly, which is why it is tied in as a perk of the Supersyrin Subscription. That could change in the future as we continue to develop it but for now selling the app separately really isn’t an option I’m afraid

Most importantly though thanks for the praise, we are really glad you are enjoying it and please keep those suggestions coming in!


More I use the App more I like it, but if I can make another suggestion, can you please add a STOP ALL botton, along with the PAUSE, sometimes I just want to stop all so I can start a new ambiance, looking for all the active sounds to stop then before this is a waste.

thank you for your time



There is any date to release the update with the drag and drop option and the active sound “notification”?

thank you


One feature I’d like would be the ability to have a trigger that says, “On completion of this element, switch to a different mood.”

For instance, if I have a soundtrack, I often have a default background playlist with half an hour or more of music, but at specific cues I’ll play a different track that only needs to play once. Then I have to manually switch back, which disrupts my GMing flow a bit. It’s not a big deal, but it would be handy.

I love the whole software suite. Thanks for designing this!