Suggestion: Wild West


I am thinking about this really cool system. The one ,kinda, problem is I am DMing a Old West themed game. Now it sounds like with the Sound Set Creator ,I could cobble together some stuff but the modern weapons really don’t have much in the way of older weapons,cocking a lever action rifle,pulling back the hammer of a single action revolver and gun fire that evokes an old west sound. Also some old west themed music would be nice.


I ‘hear’ you!

[pun intended]


Thought of a couple more one shots,rounds hitting materials like wood,brick ect. I think weapons hitting shields could work though. And ricochets.
Also a stage coach and galloping,running and sprinting horses would be nice :smiley:


Agreed–would be great to have Western sounds – could also double up as Steampunk and Victorian.


Yep this one is definitely on our list! I’m a big fan the Deadwood and Westworld TV shows, not to mention Deadlands and similar RPGS! We already have a couple of great bits in the Sci-fi player but there’s more on the way. Hows this for starters?

I love the profile pic by the way! :smile:


Throw my name in the hat for interested folks in this theme! I’m currently running a World of Darkness Hunters Hunted campaign in the 1890’s American West. Sounds of tinny piano, burlesque shows, gambling related sounds, steam trains, mining noises, telegraph message sounds and so on.


While there are specific sounds that aren’t available (older-style guns cocking, telegraph sounds, tinny pianos) there are some sounds available that would make a good stop-gap Wild West theme until Syrinscape has the time to make one

Burnt Offerings Thistletop set has a creaking stockade and horse sounds. Desert obviously has lots of dry and hot winds for the Southwest setting and the occasional dust storm. There is also Farmland for your homesteaders, and Wagon Journey has you covered wagon-type sounds for settlers heading out to California or what have you. A little judicious use of the Brindle Town set, minus some of the “marketplace” sounds, adding in a little more animals, wind, and some of the train sounds I mention below, and you have a good, working Wild West town.

Friendly Tavern can be used pretty-much as-is for your local, just by turning off the music. Maybe toss in some of the Desert winds, to represent the outside. Or a little of the creaking door sounds from Abandoned Desert House (which is pretty good all of its own for a Wild West set) for the swinging saloon doors.

High Seas Battle has musket sounds for a shootout (while the sounds are a little older than Wild West guns, they’re closer than the Modern weapons set) as well as arrows, if your battle includes any Native American tribes. It even has cannons, if some of your players really get ahold of heavy ordinance! Tavern Brawl is just a great one for your typical saloon ruckus.

The Gnomeland Security set has hoedown music, which would be great for a large outdoor party like a barn-raising or town-wide celebration.

Mining noises can come from Matt Mercer Nostoc’s set. That has a specific mine ambiance button.

For a steam train, hie ye hence to the Boardgame player and the Spike set! That is a game based on steam trains, and it has a great set a steam-train sounds, train whistles, country sounds, harmonica music, as well as sounds for loading various commodities (complete with a country accent). That includes moving herds of cattle or pigs, coal, corn, oil, etc.

Western/Deadlands music

I agree, the sounds that are available already can get you 75% (if not more) of the way but there are a few signature sounds needed to get us there like you stated, the tough one is the Ragtime Piano for a saloon, that is really hard to find a royalty free source so @benjamin might have to supply that (all the music is public domain). How is your Ragtime piano playing skills Benjamin? :smiley:
This sound I find myself using a lot for general stores or small saloon chatter


Right on. It’s in the detail that the feeling of a genre is captured.

Benjamin is good for ragtime. I used to play when I was a kid, and he’s way better than me.

Different genre, but ragtime caught the mood for one of the best scenes in the Sting, when Robert Redford is walking the streets at night, alone, caught between the con, crooked cops, and loneliness. Here’s the soundtrack:


Running Deadlands now…lol would love a set of sounds. I agree the modern weapon sounds do not fit, they are ok but feel like it needs to be deeper and slower (lol maybe if the makes sense)… not a crack but a boom. Just my thoughts


Found this old thread and wondering if this will ever get done. Sounds like it was of some interest a year or two ago. Did this ever go anywhere? Are there soundsets with music that fits the old west now? Or sounds of western guns? If not, count me in for wanting it.


Yeah - we’re actually working on it now (original inspiration was for my Deadlands Classic game - watch it on YouTube now).

So hang tight, we’ll get it out Soon™.


Awesome, I run deadlands too, classic mostly but trying out savage world. It’d be awesome to have Syrinscape for it!


Ok, just wondering, is “Soon™“ a few days to a couple of weeks? A month or two? Or 3-6 months? Just wondering. :grimacing:


We are currently finalising our discussions with how making all this cool stuff public will work. I reckon we are talking a couple of weeks(?)

So keep bugging for it… that’s a good way of keeping stuff going! :smiley:


Possibly not even that long - it all depends upon how reasonable @benjamin is :smile:

(And, of course, how reasonable I & my team are.)


That’s good to hear! I am glad to see Dulux_oz as part of the Syrinscape team or at least associated with Syrinscape. He has done so much for Fantasy Grounds and I dont doubt he will do the same here :smile:


Thank you - you made me feel all warm and fuzzy :smile:


Thanks for the awesomeness of such quick responses! I’m also excited to hear it is coming sooner rather than later. I am really looking forward to it. I got Syrinscape for a D&D campaign I was running but my group wanted to go back and play a Deadlands campaign and I was worried that Syrinscape wouldn’t have anything for it. Once it is released I’ll have to mention it over on the Pinnacle boards so that those playing Deadlands know it is available. Good stuff!


Please do (mention them over on the Pinnacle Boards) - but also, please be aware they’re NOT offical Deadlands SoundSets. We haven’t used anything in them that is Pinnacle’s IP. We don’t have a license from Pinnacle (we don’t need one - we haven’t used any of their stuff). We do have plans (in the future) to do some for the offical Deadlands Adventures in conjuction with a Fantasy Grounds Ruleset and Adventure Modules I’m doing, and we will require a License for those - and will see about acquiring one at that time.

What they are are a set of Western/Wild West SoundSets with some Horror aspects - they’ll be suitable for any Wild West game - including TSRs BootHill, Deadlands Classic, Deadlands Savage Worlds, Codex Wild West, Wild West Savage Worlds, Genesis Wild West, and so on.

You could say that they were inspired by me wanting some sounds for my ongoing Deadlands Classic and Deadlands Hell On Earth Classic Sage (which, as I mentioned, we’re streaming on Twitch every 2nd Saturday and posting the videos on YouTube soon(-ish) after), but they are NOT Deadlands SoundSets.

Yes, there’s some Zombie Sounds, and a very nice Coyote Sound (or is a Werewolf?), etc, so don’t worry :smile:

We’re also working on a similar set of Apocalytic SoundSets (with a Horror aspect :wink: ) - so stay tuned.