Suggestion: Road War Sound Set


Anybody should be able to easily guess which movie I saw a few days ago and which put me in a mood to run a game of good old Car Wars again (hint: it prominently features some deranged person and an avenue of the rather enraged type).

So, my humble suggestion: a soundset that features car, truck and bike sounds, maybe in some different varieties of speed, also some engine revving sounds, mighty crashes of all these vehicles, and of course the familiar explosions and gun sounds. This would probably be a bit of a stretch even for the SciFiPlayer, but maybe there is a goblin engineer / Warhammer40k-Orkboyz-Set on the horizon that could benefit from this, too?

If this SoundSet came to be, I probably might say something about this being a lovely set! Oh, what a lovely set!

Thank you for reading!


It would be good for Judge Dredd, Shadowrun, even modern and superhero games where a battle is taking place on the roads/streets.



A think that noisy motors, chains, explosions, horns, screaming metal could be must have to any post apo game !


All of those sounds are already in the Sci-fi player already so it would be really easy for someone to build one as Community Content.

It’s definitely one on our list though, it’s a genre I love. With our new Cyberpunk Licence you should expect to see a lot more Dark Future soundsets :grin:


Your best bets are Car Chase 2017 and Car Chase 1920 for various revving engines. In the Fantasy Player, Elements: Wind can give you the rush of air to feel like speeds are increasing. Modern Weapons has all the various shots and bangs one could need if on the run from Immortan Joe. Explosions are in the Sci-Fi Player Universal one-shots (huge explosion, shattering explosion), and in the Fantasy Player, Debauched Gala has a one-shot called “table tragedy” which has some excellent sounds for a big crash. I might also recommend Fantasy Player’s Gnomeland Security for their various explosions, flamethrowers, and rocket fire. The “desolate city ambiance” from Evil Android, along with a lot of the industrial sounds and explosions from Giant Steampunk Robot, both in the Sci-Fi Player, would also help the mood!