Suggestion: Playlists, or a Favorites list - FIXED



I love Syrinscape, but I would really like the addition of a playlist editior, or a favorites list to compile and manage the soundpacks that I want to use in the game. This would allow us to easily and quickly visualize the sounds and switch between them without having to filter through all of the other soundpacks. I have a hard time remembering names, too so someitmes I know what sounds I want and I cant find it because I forgot the name of the soundpack.

A favorites list or a playlist editor would fix this problem and also allow me to better sequence and curate the audio experience that my players receive.

Thanks for listening!


Hi @darrrrren,
We already have one! you just need to go to the website and set up a campaign in the campaigns manager

Take a look at the proTips catagory of the forum some instructions on how to use campaigns as well as some other great features :smile:


Found it, using it and loving it. I didn’t realize it was on the website!



No problem :smile:

You can also use it to play soundsets from the sci-fi player in the Fantasy player and vice versa. So you can create great sounding custom moods with even more sounds!


Thanks @Steve

@darrrrren also make sure you check out the other topics on the ProTips category, because there’s probably other cool stuff you don’t know about yet. :slight_smile:


@benjamin I know this is a somewhat old topic, but it took me quite a bit of searching to find this. I was looking for a way to bookmark/star/favorite soundsets in the online player and couldn’t find anything when googling around. In my opinion, users shouldn’t have to search around to find that functionality. I think there should be a link from the player to get to that page (or better yet, a way to manage the campaigns from in the interface, but that might require more work).