Suggestion for "new soundset" UI in online master interphase

At the moment, it is very easy to accidentally create unwanted, empty, untitled soundsets for online. This is because when clicking the plus sign it just creates the soundset without any previous customization and provides an awkward experience

The recommendation would be more so a confirmation to create the new one. Maybe a pop up that asks for title of the new soundset that has a button that creates the soundset with the new title.

The proposed UI flow would be:

User presses “+” > Title popup shows up > user presses create (or cancel) > Empty soundset is created with new title > Screen shifts to new soundset

This UI could be expanded to the copy soundset too. Instead of just creating it with the “copy of x” title, you could offer the title pop up with “copy of x” set as a default.

Good idea. It’s a smallish change that would be very helpful! I have many many “Untitled” SoundSets!

I’ll make a ticket for this for the dev team to look at once they arise victorious from the current pile of stuff they are doing! :slight_smile: :smiley:

NOTE: there are a LOT of good things on that pile!

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Ticket made: basically just copying and pasting your words as is… you have dev experience, I presume!? :slight_smile:

Also: Welcome to Syrinscape and the forums and ALL THE NOISE!

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