Subscriptions not appearing in store - RESOLVED


Hey all, this product looks super cool and I’m interested in purchasing a subscription to the fantasy pack. However, none of the subscriptions are appearing in the store for me to buy. Any thoughts on how to fix this?


If you go to the homepage and click “Store” it should show a few subscription options. You have to click on “find out exactly what you’ll get” for more information and to purchase that subscription. I primarily do D&D, but got the supersyrin subscription after talking with people who pull from the sci-fi player. Also, I din’t want to lose out on Pathfinder sound sets either.

Anyway, if you still aren’t seeing it, what browser are you using?


Hey @TheAverageGatsby

This link should be showing you ALL the subs at the top:

If your page doesn’t look like the pic below:

  1. Try a different browser (Chrome should work well)
  2. Pause Adblocker… maybe they are being identified as Ads?