Subscription Pricing; Purchasing Packs and General Questions - FIXED

Hi Folks,
I just kind of came across this and the product looks really incredible. I do have a few questions / clarifications however. OK - this is what I understand. There are two ways basically to purchase Syrinscape. The first is you can just download the free player and then purchase the sound packs. You’ll only have access to those packs but can use them as your heart’s content. Also, no internet connection is required to access this.

The second way is the subscription model. There are 3 different modules - fantasy; scifi and board games. You can license either of these singularly or if you go with the top tier (super subscriber) for $10/month, you’ll have access to them all. When you subscribe, you have access to any previously published packs along with any new the come out in that group that you are enrolled. Any new packs that come out while you are subscribed, you own in that particular group (fantasy/scifi/board games). If you are a super subscriber you will have access to all the groups and own any packs that come out in all the categories (fantasy/scifi/boardgames). Is my understanding correct on this?

If so, are there any options for longer subscriptions perhaps at a discount (pre-paid of course)? Is there any option for a one time purchase? I really abhor the whole subscription model. Also, if you own a pack but never downloaded it while you were subscribing and then let it lapse, are you able to download it in the future even without a subscription? Also, is there any discount packages if you buy multiple sound packs at one time or say all those in one category?

Finally, if I have a lot of other music from other sources for my game. I read that if you have the ‘super subscriber’ model you can use these MP3s to create your own sounds etc. What if I just want to use them ‘as is’ and combine other sounds with it - I’m assuming that’s doable? If the subscription lapses, would I still have those items that I created/worked on or like your owned packs or are these lost?

My apologies for all the questions and the wall of text. I’m trying to decide on the feasibility of using this with my FG game (which I know can be integrated together). Thanks for any assistance you can give!!

Hi, :slight_smile: Glad you’ve discovered us!

You’ll only have access to those packs but can use them as your heart’s content. Also, no internet connection is required to access this.

“You gain permanent ownership of only the SoundSets… [everything else is correct]”

Yep about subs.

If so, are there any options for longer subscriptions perhaps at a discount (pre-paid of course)?

We can do longer sub periods with a single payment, via contacting us directly on support at Syrinscape dot com. You could certainly pay for a single year, once off, and we’d give you a discount. You can also simply buy subscription vouchers in lots of 2 months here: and apply as many as you like to your account. These won’t auto-renew, which I gather is what you don’t like, yes?

Is there any option for a one time purchase?

You could certainly buy everything that’s in the store in the normal way. Just doing a quick count up, that would be soooomething like $400. But with $400 you could subscribe for 5 years… and during that epriod you’d gain permanent ownership of lots of stuff, as well as being able to use everything in the back catalog the whole time as well. Up to you of course! :smile:

What if I just want to use them ‘as is’ and combine other sounds with it

Yes the creator is what you are looking for. You’ll be able to take a normal SoundSet of ours and add your own mp3s (once they converted into wavs = see forum on how to do this) and then upload this as a new version of the SoundSet that is only visible to you.

You’ll be able to keep using your creations as long as you maintain ANY level of sub, including the “Server Access” sub which is only $5/m = just enough to cover our server costs, for serving your content to any device you sign into.

Hope all that makes sense?!

Keep asking questions, you ask good one! :+1:

Thanks so much for your reply - I appreciate the information. It’s pretty cool that you are so active on these boards. I can tell that this project is a project of love for you - lol. :sunglasses:

A couple of follow up questions. When I mentioned a ‘one time purchase’ I guess I meant more of a ‘lifetime subscription’ type of option. I’m sure it wouldn’t be cheap but I wonder if this is a possibility.

On the use of the creator and creating a derivative work, essentially that’s handled different than the SoundSets then? One loses the ability to use them if there isn’t some sort of subscription if I’m understanding that correctly? Also, out of curiosity, what license rights would Syrinscape have to those creations. The reason I’m asking is the music I have I don’t believe allows for ‘reuse’ essentially as it is another creator’s IP. Thus the question. Is there any way to simply import this music into the creator and not do anything but use the music? Using Fantasy Grounds this would be helpful I would think as all the music would be in one place and it’s easier to organize only needing one media player and VOIP in Teamspeak.

Thanks again for your answers and time!! It’s greatly appreciated. Take care.

Hi @daxdoomslayer, Unfourtunately at this time we don’t offer a lifetime subscription option although it is certainly something for Ben to consider in the future. As you say though it wouldn’t be cheap :smile:

With regards to the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator yes any soundset that your create is uploaded and stored to our server, which you can then sync back to any of your Blessed devices to use in game. Because of this a level of subscription is required so that you can continue to use the soundset and we do offer a minimum subscription level just for people who would like to continue using their own sounds rather than access our catalog. Should you ever need to take a break from your subscription those soundset would still be stored and available for you to use again in the future when you re-subscribed.

With regards to licencing the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator will ask you about usage rights for each sample that you upload and the samples will be stored securely. Soundset that you produce are considered private and so you can upload any music that you have access to, such as music you have purchased etc as only you can access them. You can also chose to release your soundsets as Community Content but these must contain no copyrighted material and we will check them before making them live.

I hope that all makes sense but please let either of us know if you think of anything else :smiley:

Thanks for the reply Steve. I greatly appreciate it. I get it on the subscription option. It’s unfortunate as it’s really a hang up for me to be honest but I guess that’s my problem. I guess I may do as Benjamin indicated about contacting support and seeing a discount for longer period subscriptions to see where that leads me. I’ll need to think about that and if I want to go that route. Bummer but I totally understand.

One last question. If one is subscribed but doesn’t download a particular SoundSet that they were entitled to while subscribed and their subscription lapses are they still able to download it after the expiration?

As always, I really appreciate that feedback and my apologies for all the dumb questions. Thanks!!

Anything you have access to (by virtue of a sub) BUT don’t own:
You can download and use these SoundSets as long as you have that access.
Once you no longer have access, you’ll no longer have access. It’ll gray out, even if you downloaded it.

Anything you have permanent ownership of, because you bought this SoundSet, or gained ownership of it because it can out while you were a sub:
These you’ll be able to download, install, use on ANY device you sign into FOREVER.

makes sense?

Hi Benjamin,
Yes - total sense. I was referring to the ‘permanent ownership’ you gain due to one’s subscription but fail to download during that subscription and then letting one’s subscription lapse. I wasn’t clear if you’d still be able to ‘claim’ it as you would no longer have a subscription. However, you set me straight! Thanks. I’ll be sending an email to support momentarily about longer subscriptions. I appreciate you and Steve being so patient with me and all my questions! Thanks.


It’s always a pleasure to help out and connect.


Thanks Benjamin!! Email was sent to support as directed above. Take care.

Hello All,
I had a follow on question to Daxdoomslayer’s first question. As far as the broadcast aspect of purchased content, is a subscription still needed to utilize the sound sets through Syrinscape Online Player or other methods? I ask as this software is very appealing. But with the infrequency of how often I would use it makes having a subscription not worth it as I only run one game a month typically.
I have attempted several searches but this is the only post that appears to come close to providing the clarification. Thank you in advance.


Heya @christopher.b.decarv,

Sort of:

  1. to use the Online Player to play sounds ONLY on your machine with NO remote players listening in, you do NOT need any kind of subscription.
  2. to invite players into your game and have them hear what you are playing on YOUR online player, you will need a SuperSyrin subscription.

And, of course, that SuperSyrin subscription also unlocks

  1. access to over 680 Fantasy, Sci-fi and Board Game SoundSets (including official licenced content from D&D and Pathfinder and Cyberpunk)
  2. access to over 120 Community Content SoundSets
  3. usage of all the customisation features of the Creator (built into the Online Player). You can import your own samples, mix and match content we have built with your own. Synchronise that across your Offline Players, and use in Online Play.
  4. PLUS, permanent ownership of every new SoundSet we release during the period of your active sub… we release new SoundSets almost every week, so even just as a discounted way of buying all the new content we release in a month, this sub is excellent value!

Makes sense?

Yes, thank you for answering my question. Reply number 2 in “Sort of” was what I was trying to determine. I have the demo version and love the look of the program and it’s applications. Though it may be a while before I am able to jump on a subscription.


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