Subscriber - Call of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep Chapter 3 - London Ambient Sounds not available?

Hi, I’m a subscriber and when I try and get into “mon3 Dark Dealings at Misr House” it says I need to buy it? I can access everything else, and I was able to activate it last week.

Guess where my players are going tonight…

Your sub is showing as active so you have access to all of the content. Try logging out and then back in again, making sure that you use the email address associated with your sub.

If it is still not showing then drop us an email to support and we can take a proper look at your account for you

HIya, just tried logging out and in again in web/app and it’s still now showing up (in the app) or asking me to buy it (in web)

Email sent into support

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