Stronger authenticity


I would love if some of the voice acting for the monster could be moved to a more authentic zone, using real animal sounds rather than voice acting, for instance, Kenku, Gnolls e t c.


Sounds like an opportunity for YOU to do some sound work and create some monsters like what you have in your imagination?

If you make something brilliant we could have something we can share with the whole community! :slight_smile:



I’d love to. I’ll give it a go. Thanks for being so open to user input!



How would you like the sounds? Flat or with effects added? Flat I guess for you to use effects to make them fit the soundset/mood?

Any specific format? Is mono OK?


Just out of curiosity - where do you get your samples rom? Do you work at a zoo? To get good samples from animals is a very daunting task and any help on where to get “exotic” samples from is ver ymuch appreciated. :slight_smile:


We’ll I haven’t done this before so I will start out by trying to look around and see what I can find that is legal to use e t c…