Strixhaven academy soundset?

I know there is the pathfinder one, but it’s obviously towards jungle theme.

What kinds of things are you looking for? I’m not personally familiar with Strixhaven, but let me know what is needed, what atmospheres, moods, etc, and I can recommend stuff for you!

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So going off what the book, common themes I’m looking for are magical classroom that aims toward lighthearted then seriousness. Battle music for duels, a battle dome (think harry potters quidditch cup). Magical cafe, maybe themes for each 5 colleges (, this video actually nails them pretty well).

Overall, most stuff in this is lighthearted humor or extravagant wonders. Sorry if this doesn’t give a lot, still reading through it.

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Some quick thoughts just to tide you over.

We have Library of Arcana, also check out The Hearth from Descent into Avernus:Candlekeep as one of your cafes maybe, we also have Coffee House which you could use as a base for each college and add in some specific elements to make them sound different.

Check our In The Arena Gallery from Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Hope that helps for now

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So is Strixhaven Soundset being looked at for 2022?

There are no plans as yet for Strixhaven. Our current plans for D&D are continued support of their fantastic Wilds beyond the Witchlight adventure. We may also have a little surprise D&D adventure to come shortly after Christmas.

As already mentioned above we are also covering Pathfinders Strength of Thousands Adventure, which is also set in and around a school of magic. So Strixhaven would be a perfect adventure book for somebody to create Community Content for, using the content that we have already built.


I hope Witchlight works out well so Syrinscape would consider doing Strixhaven and even Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep when it is released next year.

I will check out Pathfinder Strength of Thousand Adventures.

Thanks for the help.

The only problem with Strength of Thousands is that the magic academy is deep within the jungle so it is littered with jungle sounds. That definately doesn’t suit Strixhaven in my mind. It might be able to be used but only with heavy configuration changes, at best.

In my Strixhaven game we ended up just looping a non-stop Harry Potter music background from YouTube. That was okay in general but was lacking specific sounds.

I too hope a Strixhaven sound pack makes its way into the works sometime in the future.

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In one of my sessions the focus was on a NPC student who plays the Hurdy Gurdy. I follow this rising YouTube star and used a couple of her tracks.

The beauty of Syrinscape is that you can easily turn off those jungle sounds and even add in elements from other soundsets to make it better suit your needs. You can then save the mood to use whenever you like. All of which can be done in the Fantasy Player.

Better yet with The Creator, you can copy those soundsets, edit them as you like and then save them as a whole new soundset. You could then submit your creation as Community Content for other users to use.

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Aww, it’s sad to hear no content is planned for this campaign in the near future, I think it would be cool to have a sound set for each of the campus, and maybe something for the relationship encounters.

I’d just like to add my support for a Strixhaven soundset. I came to Syrinscape with the specific intention of starting my sub if (and only if) the team had put together a soundscape specifically for this campaign. As a working professional with a toddler, and as someone who will also be extensively learning Roll20 for the first time, I’m all about purchasing packages to save myself time. I’m just not going to cobble together sounds from other packages myself. I purchased the Strixhaven Roll20 module and would lay down money for a well-done soundset too. Since one is not available, I’ll just leave out ambient sounds and let the players use their imaginations… Or possibly play some pop music from our college days to get the players into the right mindset. By all means, let me know if Syrinscape decides to change their minds on this.