Streamlining Player Login

Howdy folks!

I absolutely love the sound library of Syrinscape and have been a subscriber for about a year and a half now. However, one issue seems to always arise…some players seem to have a terrible time logging in and we have had delays of up to 15-30 minutes while players try to get it up and running, so much to where one player just stopped trying to log in to Syrinscape at all. Over time it has gotten better and much of this is attributed to user error (like forgotten passwords), but it got me thinking that a great system prepares for the lowest common denominator…lol.

Is there a way to streamline the player login process? I feel that the only person that really needs to actually login to the Syrinscape site is the GM. If players could simply open their Online Player app and connect to an open game without having to login to the site, it would make things so much more streamlined and simple.

Sadly, this has been a running joke in my campaigns with players groaning when it is time to login to Syrinscape followed by a good 10 minutes of whining…lol.

We hear you, and have a feature in the dev pipeline that hopes to dramatically improve game session management (including invite URLs for players to join games).

The problem is this represents a fairly significant change, so will require careful planning and design work and then implementation, and we have other big projects happening right now too.

Things are progressing, and I’m sure we’ll make a big fuss about it when it’s closer to the time to release.

Once joined to a game, a player should just be able to open the Online Player at the start of the next session and hear sounds (unless you had to boot them from the game), but I assume you know this :+1: Even if you run multiple campaigns with different players, you only need them to quit the online player at the end of the session, to not hear the sounds of the other games, and start it up at the beginning of the next to start hearing them again (with the caveat of refreshing a mood to bring everyone in sync if that is important to you).

Hope this helps!

For what it’s worth I had similar issues, especially if the online player wanted to update. Some of my players would always be baffled by the process for one reason or another.

We swapped to using the discord bot setup mentioned on the forums here and the largest perk to this was that they no longer had to manage that.

It also removed the “huh, what sound?! Ooo, I forgot to open it tonight…” issues we often had as well.

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