Streaming online player on Twitch

Hey everyone,

One of my players is streaming our D&D game on Twitch and I was wondering what would be required for them to stream the soundsets I’m playing through the online player? I’m aware of the tutorials using voicemeter Bannana referenced on these forums, but since I won’t be the one streaming the audio, I wanted to understand what my player needed to do in order to stream what they hear on their end. If it’s of any relevance, we use discord which is streamed through OBS.

Thank you.

If you’re talking about streaming the audio from your player into obs, the simplest way is to use an OBS plugion called win capture audio. I created a short vidoe on it last year explaining how to install and use it. Let me know if you have more questions and good luck! And apologies for the delayed reply!

If your audience has complained about Twitch audio, you probably have to tweak a few settings in the software.

You can use this guide for help -

You can increase the sound quality by adding filters, but that’s up to you.