Strange Aeons, will it be fulled supported?


So I’m GMing a Strange Aeons game and I’d like to know if the full adventure will be avaible in the program.



According to the Syrinscape Release Schedule, yes, yes it will. Right now they have everything through Dreams of the Yellow King, with the last three chapters coming soon. (Summer time is convention time, which is super-busy for Syrinscape, so the ones scheduled for July and Sept will be along as soon as they can, I’m certain.)


Yep this year Strange Aeons is one of our big projects so we will be releasing sound sets for the whole AP over the course of the year, the same goes for the new Starfinder AP :grin:


Thanks for the information, guys!


Just wanted to say that I just now got into using Syrinscape specifically because of the Strange Aeons Soundset. Planning on running the campaign in the coming months, and instead of having to search for specific horror ambience, the sounds, the UI and just how much content is in ONE of the packs made me instantly want to get the others, and the only reason I was holding off was my previous belief it wouldn’t be continued. As my group comes to the books, I’ll be snagging the sound sets, as I can definitely assure you they’re worth it. Eager to see the next update soon!


Yep. Chapter 4 should be finished and coming in the next couple of weeks… and then we’ll try and get back on schedule to have it all finished by the end of the year. It’s GREAT stuff!


Thanks guys. So nice to know!


I’m about to start the 4th book of Strange Aeons and I’m discourage that the sound set isn’t finished yet. Any word on when it will be?


We’re aiming to get it all finished by the end of the year. AP’s are always released throughout the year, with more action at the start and end of the year. That way we can focus on conventions etc during the middle (Con season). We’re all back from Pax Unplugged now though and hard at work on getting those soundsets built :smile:


Hi @cathhoyt

Book 4 is in for review with Paizo right now… so should go live as soon as they finish with feedback… so this week sometime.

We are running close to the wire… :slight_smile: but you will LOVE what we’ve done.

*clicks fevourishly


Very happy. Thanks for the update.


So how about Book 5 of Strange Aeons: “What Grows Within.” I’m hoping the rest of this adventure path is in the works. Any word on an ETA?


Also looking for Book 5 as we creep closer and closer week by week. guess i can find sounds for previous ones if need be.


Working on the Sounds for Book 5 in the next couple of weeks (then a pause while we are in Paris and Cannes). Then back to it after that.

Just waiting on Morgan and his amazing Voice acting at the moment,

I’ll make sure drafts are available as soon as we have anything at all


On that note, as the recording is 95% done for part 5 and I’m processing the files: Does anyone have any requests? Any particular characters/monsters from What Grows Within and Black Stars Beckon that you really want to hear, or hear in a certain way? I can still sneak in a request!