Strahd Chapter 5 is LIVE for our subs!

We’ve switched on the Chapter 5 SoundSets for “Curse of Strahd” today for our Fantasy & SuperSyrin subscribers. Look for it in the Syrinscape store in the coming weeks, but for the moment, if you are a sub… ENJOY the horror!


This is amazing! Thank you!

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We’re just starting Strahd now, how much is left for Syrinscape to have the complete campaign?

@ominousbarry is finishing the sound work on this in just a couple of weeks. We are submitting the next block to Wizards this week and then there’ll be work to finish all the the art etc on the final bits before we submit… so I’d expect two more chunks in the next two months.

Of course, our SuperSyrins can always gain early access to stuff in prerelease upon request here on the forums… :smiley:

Barry, is already starting work preliminary work on the next shiny thing! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Awesome, sounds like it will be well along by the time I need it. We just finished Storm Kings Thunder last night, so will be starting this in 2 weeks.

Just for you to know, Chapters 6 - 9 should be the next batch release. Then chapters 10 - 15. Then finally, the big chapter 4. Hopefully your players won’t want to go directly to Castle Ravenloft. I should be wrapping that up in the coming month

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We’re starting with death house and only play every other week, so we’ve got time. :slight_smile: