Stop one shots?

Some of the one-shots are quite long, like “Ravenloft Stab”, or some of the dialog one-shots.

Is there any way to stop them once I (sometimes inadvertently) start them? Do I just have to wait them out?

There are lots of topics about one-shot volume, but I can’t find anything about this.

Yes, reducing OneShot volume to 0 is currently the only way to suppress existing OneShot sounds. You can of course use Global Stop, and then restart any moods you had playing also. In fact if you are fast enough that shouldn’t interrupt the ambiance since the fade outs will just start fading back in.

But no, OneShots by design allow you to rapid fire several of them at once, which makes providing a convenient way to stop them while preserving this a little tricker. Will keep it in mind though!

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If you were prepared, you may be able to use the Remote Control Links to stop the OneShots too, but that is a little trickier.

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And starting any Mood stops all playing OneShots, so restarting the current Mood (double click) may work for you too!

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Thank you!

I love that you kept considering options and possibilities as you thought about the question.

I appreciate that I wasn’t just blown off with “No, it doesn’t do that”.

You’ve been very helpful.

I had some help from the more experienced Content Creators behind the scenes too :slight_smile: We are all always learning these tricks, I’m sure I’ll forget them all by tomorrow…

Did any of these suggestions click with you in a way that would actually help?

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Restarting the Mood is the easiest for me to do and the least disruptive to the current sound flow, so that works just fine! Thank you!