Stop button greyed out until I play a mood

For the past few weeks I’ve been noticing that when I first load the player from the GM side, the stop button is totally greyed out and non-responsive. If I play individual elements, it stays greyed out. The only way to make it active again, is to start a Mood, at which point the button becomes active. Bug?

Hey @ariencrossby we have had a look into this but haven’t been able to reproduce it ourselves, so it may be something that’s happening with your browser? If you test on a different browser do you still get the same issue?

However, we do have a few tweaks that we plan on making to the stop button in the coming weeks, so it may well be that that will resolve it for you when we do.

Also, always make sure that you email us at support if you are looking for a faster response, as one of us is usually always watching out for emails and can respond a lot quicker

We recently made some more changes to the way the Stop All button works, on top of the ones I believe Steve was referencing, and hoping these improve the situation where the button can be disabled at inappropriate times. News post including this update here: