Stealth or Sneaking about

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could find a sneaking/stealth sound set for 5e? Something that just adds to the tension of the PC’s skulking about as guards on patrol passes them by or monsters walk past them while they hang onto the ledges above… Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

The Soundset Rogue - Female (Merisiel) has tip-toe sounds!

I vote for some pink pather music.

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Oh man, we played a game called Micro Macro: Crime City over the weekend and we really wanted some Pink Panther style music.

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The song “a nervous wait”, while not Pink Panther, is a nice one for tense sneaking!

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@djb42374 Not quite what you’re asking for, but given the title mentions no particular game system I thought I’d share it. I have an upcoming Cyberpunk Red game in which my PCs will need to sneak into an abandoned police station that’s used by a very nasty gang. I’ve used Drone of Doom from Cryogenic Facility, and Footsteps hard floor from Cyberpunk Red - Hot Zone which gives a really nice atmosphere. Echoey, percussive music and footsteps that can be heard in the distance. It feels a bit John Carpenter and I’m certain it’s going to work really well. Gonna play it low and whisper. :shushing_face: