Starfinder -- Fly Free or Die?

Are there any plans to support the Starfinder Fly Free of Die Adventure Path?

I have been running my group through Pathfinder’s Curse of the Crimson Throne and they love the soundsets for that. Having the specific sound for a given part of the story adds so much to the game.

Starfinder will be up soon, and they will be sorely disappointed if we have to go back to playing the old fashioned way without the tailored sound.


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Sorry we missed this one! We don’t have any plans as yet to build a soundpack specifically for this adventure BUT we do have lots of Starfinder content already that could work really well to add sound to your game.

If you have a Supersyrin subscription you could even have a go at building your own soundset from our existing libraries, so that you have all of the sounds in the one place :slight_smile: