Starfinder Dead Suns: Ruined Clouds Soundset


Hey guys, loving the work you all have done on these starfinder soundsets! My group has just finished book 3 and are moving on to book 4 shortly, I was just wondering how the progress on the ruined clouds soundset was coming? The road map showed it coming out in March 2019, but I do not see it yet.


Any luck? Any news? Updates?


This… should… be sometime in the next 60 days.

Things have been a bit full on here, but we have some new hires coming on THIS week that are going to ease things up in a BIG way!

Stay tuned for some big announcements in the next couple of days! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

And… THANK YOU for your patience… and I’m sorry if we miss your game! Mix and match from everything else that is there?


Derp derp derp! I said 6 not 60 lols!



Great to hear! We actually stalled a bit for scheduling reasons with the group, but I have been using mix and match from the rest of the great sounds. I just love the curated stuff for the books, looking forward to hearing it. Thanks again for the great sounds.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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