Star Wars: Will of the Force campaign sounds


Here’s my Star Wars campaign sounds thus far. As soon as more fitting sounds come out, I’ll be adding to it of course. Will of the Force

For now, here’s the link to my campaign on Obsidian Portal Will of the Force. I’m still waiting to edit the campaign background once the Force and Destiny Beginner Game is released.


I run a Star Wars game myself so look forward to having a look. Thanks for posting it up :smile:


No problem! While the Running the Net doesn’t especially fit, I figured I’d add it in since there is a slicer in the group and while the character isn’t particularly adept at combat, I figured might as well give him some special treatment as well.



Thanks for making it.


You’re going to TOTALLY have to add the “Alien Cantina” SoundSet that’s just about to come out to this!


You’re welcome! Thanks for making Syrinscape! I’ll be adding Alien Cantina just as soon as it’s available!. :smiley:


This looks really cool! Unrelated question: what’s Obsidian Portal like? I’ve never seen it before, but it looks like something I need in my life.