Star Wars: Uprising campaign sounds

Here is the campaign I’ve set set up for tonight’s Edge of the Empire game. I’d hoped to use the new Cantina soundset but since it’s not out yet I’ve used Cyberpunk Disco instead, but plan to swap that out as soon as the sets released.

The game doesn’t follow any of the pre-made adventures but is based just after the destruction of the first Deathstar and involves a group of people slowly being brought into the Rebellion without realising it.

For tonight’s chapter the Players return to Ryloth, to rest up and repair their ship only to find their contacts missing & Stormtrooper’s waiting for them. Can they escape the ambush and find out where their friends have been taken? I’ve ordered the soundsets in the order that the game should play through, which is why some have them have been duplicated, not that my players ever seem to follow that plan though!


There is the (really awesome) Original Soundtrack to StarWars:The Old Republic. There are also songs (four of them, IIRC) on there that are played in the cantinas throughout the game, and they’re very cantin-ish. :wink: One example is this:
I am a youtube-link!

Of course the other songs on that OST are pure Star Wars, too. :wink: It’s free to download on:

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Oh great thanks @Heinz! I a few of the albums on iTunes that I use but nothing from SW:TOR so I will have a look and see what I can get. I’m really looking forward to being able to put some proper Star Wars songs into the creator and having them play as part of the sound sets rather than having to play them separately.

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Thanks for sharing, Caldeth! I posted your campaign to the Syrinscape facebook page!


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Brilliant! Thanks Jenny

It’s a fantastic program so I’m happy to be able to share :smile: