Star Trek Aventures release on Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds saw the release of the Star Trek Adventures ruleset with the Core book introduce to the app. In a stream yesterday by Fantasy Grounds, it was alluded that since there is an association between Syrinscape & Fantasy Grounds we should see soundsets being created for Star Trek Adventures in the future. Do you know the time frame for a few soundsets to appear in Syrinscape.

See min 43.25


We have lots of sci-fi soundsets that can be used with Star Trek, but sadly no official ones. Modiphius have the rights to produce the RPG, which means they can also make VTT versions, but they don’t have rights for the sounds, which are owned by Paramount.

Thank you for the quick response. May you should reach out to Jim Johnson (Modiphius) via Fantasy Grounds, since they mentioned it the Fantasy Grounds stream attached in my original post.

In the video they are talking about integration with Fantasy Grounds and the ability to trigger sounds rather than any specific SoundSets

Ok I know but there talking about the future so we will see.